Easy to moderate

.33 mile walk –

This short .33 mile walk is an easy to moderate hike approximately 15-20 minutes from Snowbird Mountain Lodge. The walk leads to a 70-foot waterfall.

Along the way view the lower cascades and large trees, spring flowers of ferns. The walk is fairly easy, however, watch for slick rocks and acorns in the fall – make sure to lower your center of gravity.

Directions from Snowbird Mountain Lodge – Turn left at the bottom of the driveway. At the top of the hill, turn right (as if going to Joyce Kilmer) follow the road for 3 miles.

Turn right on to Old 129 (Joyce Kilmer is on the left.) Follow on old 129 for 6 miles, cross a big bridge taking a left at the T in the road. Continue on the road until the next T, taking a left here as well, onto the Main Highway 129. Follow this road for 3 miles. The parking area will be on your right, a gravel parking spot with a Yellow Creek Falls Sign.

The trail starts from the parking area.