Easy to moderate .33 mile walk – This short .33 mile walk is an easy to moderate hike approximately 15-20 […]
Easy to Moderate 4.5 – 5.0 – mile roundtrip hike With views of Santeetlah Lake, Long Hungry Road / Carver […]
Joyce Kilmer is 3,800-acre forest is located in Graham County approximately 4 miles from Snowbird Mountain Lodge and 15 miles […]
Sassafras Falls – 8 miles roundtrip Big Falls – 8.2 miles roundtrip Middle Falls – 10.0 miles roundtrip Upper Falls – 12.0 miles roundtrip […]
Moderate to Strenuous Hike 4.3 miles – The Naked Trail began as a Cherokee trading path and is most popular […]
Moderate Forest Service Road for hiking or mountain biking. Approximately 1.5 miles to the creek Located at Santeetlah Gap is […]
An easy trail located on the Cherohala Skyway National Scenic Byway, located 10 miles up from Snowbird Mountain Lodge. A […]
Easy to Moderate Hike in Joyce Kilmer 2.25 miles – The Poplar Cove trail hike in Joyce Kilmer is approximately […]
Easy 900 Ft. Trail Maple Springs observation deck is designed for use by those with special needs. Located on Joyce […]
Easy hike 0.5 miles – A 0.5-mile paved trail (no roots) to an overlook above the Cherohala Skyway. Handicap accessible. […]