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Summers almost Gone…..

The cicadas are singing loudly at night now. It’s how we know that it’s August…..and that summer is winding down. It has been a wonderful time here, Sophie and Elizabeth have spent the time out of school at the beach and then a trip out west. The lake has called us more often than not and late afternoon swims are the order of the day.

Robbinsville school starts back next Monday and the sports teams have been hard at work. Volleyball, football and cross country dominate the fall lineup. Here on the mountain we are getting ready to host Nick Demos and his fabulous wines for our late summer wine dinner. Chef Frank has been busy getting ready as well. The garden is in it’s last weeks of summer vegetables and we’ll be planting the fall ones very soon.

As the summer winds down we eagerly anticipate fall! We are all looking forward to the temperature change and seeing what’s to come. Big plans are underway for updates to the Lodge this winter, so I invite you to stay tuned….That of course is about it from the mountain today. I’ve been tardy writing here lately, but…well…you know how summers go…….

In Celebration of the Great Adventure Ahead!

Robert Rankin


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