Sassafras Falls – 8 miles roundtrip

Big Falls – 8.2 miles roundtrip

Middle Falls – 10.0 miles roundtrip

Upper Falls – 12.0 miles roundtrip

Easy to moderate hiking –

This area represents some of the easiest walks in our area. There are four separate falls in this area- Sassafras, Big Falls, Middle Falls, and Upper Falls.

All of these trails use the same starting point. From the parking area proceed past the trailhead sign and across the mounds that are slightly to your left. This trail follows an old logging railroad bed. It is wide and has only a slight uphill grade. Watch your feet for old railroad ties still in place 80 years after the last rail was pulled. At three miles the trail comes to a grassy area with a “hiker’s friend”, an old rusted panel van. Here the trail crosses over, lower Sassafras Creek trail goes to your left. Cut up and away left for 1 mile to Sassafras Falls. The bottom of the falls trail will be tor you left to continue ahead for the top of the falls.

If you continue past the trail junction of Sassafras for 1.1 miles you will be directly above Big Falls. You will not be able to see them from the trail, but you will hear them below. A steep access trail will take you to the base of the falls. Continue across the bridge and another old access trail to the right will take you to the top of the falls.

Across the bridge take the trail to the left for 1 mile to Middle Falls and then for another mile for Upper Falls.

All of the upper Snowbird is native trout waters and offers excellent fishing opportunities for the trout angler.

From the entrance to the Lodge turn right and head towards Robbinsville. Approximately 5 miles on your right will be Snowbird Road. Turn right onto Snowbird Road. Follow this road past Robinson’s Grocery Store (an old store closed, but the building is still there). Once past Robinson’s Grocery, the road continues straight, but Snowbird Road makes a hard left-hand turn. Stay on Snowbird Road (follow street signs). Follow Snowbird Road until you cross a bridge. Upon crossing the bridge take an immediate right on to Big Snowbird Road, cross another bridge for 2 miles (paved road) and then gravel road for 3.7 miles to its terminus at the beginning of the backcountry area. Trails go to your right across the bridge for Kind Meadows and straight past the Trailhead sign for waterfalls.