Easy to Moderate Hike in Joyce Kilmer

2.25 miles –

The Poplar Cove trail hike in Joyce Kilmer is approximately 4 miles from Snowbird Mountain Lodge.

The trail is composed of a lower and upper loop and departs from the Joyce Kilmer Memorial Forest parking area. The lower loop is 1.3 miles long, and the upper loop is .8 mile. The trail path begins the left of the information shelter and proceeds across a log footbridge over the river and up to a rhododendron and canopy forest. It is a fairly easy uphill walk, however, filled with tree roots and rocks so you will need to watch your step.

There are a dedication plaque and the NC State record hemlock (measuring 17 feet in circumference and is estimated to be 400-450 years old) at approximately 0.5 miles into the hike.

The upper loop is where you will discover trees reaching 150 feet in height and 15 or more feet around.

Wildflowers are in abundance in the spring and fall. During the leaf season, the trail is highly visited and leaves may cover the ground, hiding roots and rocks. The trail can be wet and muddy due to rain. Please stay on the trail to protect the natural forest.