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Hiking Near Snowbird Mountain Lodge

Twentymile Trail


Easy to moderate hike 6.3 miles – Beginning at the remote Twentymile Ranger Station on NC HWY 28, Twentymile Trail and Wolf Ridge use the same trail bed for 3 tenths of a mile. Wolf Ridge bears to the left and Twentymile to the right. About 100 yards from the first bridge a small trail leads to your right and will take you to Twenty Mile Cascade. Please be cautious during high water times. At mile 3.0 turn left onto the loop trail access back to Wolf Ridge. Longer hikes can be made either up Long Hungry Ridge or Wolf…

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Snowbird Backcountry Hiking Trails


Sassafras Falls – 8 miles roundtrip Big Falls – 8.2 miles roundtrip Middle Falls – 10.0 miles roundtrip Upper Falls – 12.0 miles roundtrip Easy to moderate hiking – This area represents some of the easiest walks in our area. There are four separate falls in this area- Sassafras, Big Falls, Middle Falls, and Upper Falls. All of these trails use the same starting point. From the parking area proceed past the trailhead sign and across the mounds that are slightly to your left. This trail follows an old logging railroad bed. It is wide and has only a slight…

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Huckleberry Knob Trail


Easy to moderate hike 2.2 miles – An easy trail located on the Cherohala Skyway National Scenic Byway, located 10 miles up from Snowbird Mountain Lodge. A short hike with an approximately 400-foot elevation climb, known for its wildflowers and 360-degree view at the top. There is a parking area off to the right on the Skyway (just past the 5,000 ft. marker) with a trailhead that follows an old forest service roadbed across two distinct knobs. The first, Oak Knob, is well known for its patches of wild strawberries. The second and higher knob is Big Huckleberry. A grave…

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Yellow Creek Falls


Easy to moderate .33 mile walk – This short .33 mile walk is an easy to moderate hike approximately 15-20 minutes from Snowbird Mountain Lodge. The walk leads to a 70-foot waterfall. Along the way view the lower cascades and large trees, spring flowers of ferns. The walk is fairly easy, however, watch for slick rocks and acorns in the fall – make sure to lower your center of gravity. Directions from Snowbird Mountain Lodge – Turn left at the bottom of the driveway. At the top of the hill, turn right (as if going to Joyce Kilmer) follow the…

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Naked Ground Hike in Joyce Kilmer


Moderate to Strenuous Hike 4.3 miles – The Naked Trail began as a Cherokee trading path and is most popular with overnight backpackers because of the campsite located at the trail’s namesake. The trail rises up at 0.3 miles up the trail on the right-hand side of the creek (away from the creek). At this point, there is a backward fork 40 feet before the forward fork. The path, usually signed, leads to the right and uphill back behind you is the 0.9 mile Jenkins Meadow Connector. At the next fork, the path continuing to the right is the main…

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Poplar Cove Loop Hike in Joyce Kilmer


Easy to Moderate Hike in Joyce Kilmer 2.25 miles – The Poplar Cove trail hike in Joyce Kilmer is approximately 4 miles from Snowbird Mountain Lodge. The trail is composed of a lower and upper loop and departs from the Joyce Kilmer Memorial Forest parking area. The lower loop is 1.3 miles long, and the upper loop is .8 mile. The trail path begins the left of the information shelter and proceeds across a log footbridge over the river and up to a rhododendron and canopy forest. It is a fairly easy uphill walk, however, filled with tree roots and…

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Joyce Kilmer Memorial Forest


Joyce Kilmer is 3,800-acre forest is located in Graham County approximately 4 miles from Snowbird Mountain Lodge and 15 miles from Robbinsville, NC. Boasting 32 trails covering 125 miles, the forest is much larger than most anticipate. Snowbird Mountain Lodge offers maps for sale detailing trail descriptions.  Joyce Kilmer Memorial Forest is one of the most impressive remnants of old-growth forest, with over 100 tree specimens, many over 400 years old.  A restroom and picnic tables are available at the trailhead. Poplar Cover Loop Trail – 2.25 miles – easy to moderate Naked Ground Trail – 4.3 miles – moderate…

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