A day Fly fishing is a great day in the mountains.
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It’s an art, the water, the fly, the cast. Experience a day on the water with Snowbird Mountain Lodge recommended fly-fishing guides.

Fly-fish with the best in the Smoky’s

Fly-fishing in the Southern Appalachians provides challenge and skills that are often not needed on the larger streams of the West. Here our trout tend to be smaller (6-12 inches) and streams tend to be smaller and tighter than the wide-open waters you may be used to. We have over 100 miles of “Blue-Ribbon” trout water within an hours driving time from the Lodge. Some of the better waters are listed below.

Long Creek– Easy access and tight waters. This creek is a good spot for stocked Rainbows and Browns. 

West Buffalo– Easy access and tight waters. This creek is a great “unknown” spot for Rainbows and Browns. 

Big Snowbird/Little Snowbird Creeks– Easily the most talked about “native” streams in North Carolina. Fishable for 23 miles and 11 miles respectively these streams offer stocked Rainbows and Browns on the lower portions and hiking access to the higher areas. Most Public Access. 

Santeetlah Creek– Closest to the Lodge. Fishable for almost 30 miles including the feeder streams. Wide easy access on lower portions, tight walking access up high. This is a great stream for native wild trout and receives little fishing pressure. Good feeder streams include- Wright, Indian, Sand, and Whigg branches.

Little Santeetlah Creek– Easily the most difficult of local water. This creek begins in Joyce Kilmer and parallels Naked Ground Trail. Very tight waters can be well rewarded with small brilliant native fish. 

Slickrock Creek– Well known for Native fish, this stream is all hiking access. Fishable for about 10 miles. Access is via HWY 129N. at Tapoco Lodge. All Public Access.

Upper Nantahala– Just 45 minutes from the Lodge and beginning at the Nantahala River Rafting put in, this water is fishable for approximately 10 miles upstream. This is NC’s premier delayed harvest trout water (Catch and Release until first weekend in June). This water is heavily stocked and offers the greatest “catching” in the area. It is not unknown to catch 60 fish in a day. All Public Access.

The Great Smoky Mountain National Park– also offers great fishing opportunities as well.