father's day 2020

It’s Time to celebrate the superhero(s) of our family!

The image of our own dad or father figures is often the one of a superhero. No matter how old we are, we each have an intimate connection to a memory, a moment in time, or something that means the most to us when we think of our fathers. For many of us, the memories recalled surround places traveled together, shared conversation enjoying food, drinks, or playful moments of laughter during backyard get-togethers. 

As we celebrate all the dads who work here or visit us here on the mountain, we take a special moment to cherish the memories of Rex Rankin, Robert’s father, and his guiding light and larger than life persona who chose to live each day to its fullest. He once reminded us, “The best portion of life is in those small nameless moments you spend smiling with something or someone that matters to you.”

The magic is in the moments that look suspiciously like ordinary life. May you celebrate dad this Father’s Day by living the moment, connecting, or replaying a memory. 

Happy Father’s Day, 

Robert and Mandy