Robert and I have always felt that disconnecting to reconnect is a foundation of Snowbird. It has always been a part of who we are individually and as partners in life and business. 

Prior to Snowbird, I was a #cloudsurfer (aka world traveler), and Robert was always seeking the next off-the-beaten path exploration. Together we’ve made memories in multiple cities, countries and thousands of backroads. 

Our love for adventure is part of our true north. It is why we started the Follow Your True North gift line of blankets– perfect for home or any outdoor adventure. 

Life can get in the way of getting out there. Our plans for exploring Scotland’s Orkney Islands, Patagonia, and Fjords of Norway have been put on hold. Yet, adventure still lives in picnics by Lake Santeetlah, driving old Forest Service roads and pulling over with a picnic lunch and bottle of Snowbird wine, or cuddling up next to a fall fire. 

While some things are on pause, seeking everyday joy and laughter is not.

Disconnect to reconnect with your favorite loved ones with a true north blanket.

Live adventure everyday. 

Mandy & Robert