Chef Frank

From his Nonna’s kitchen to the mountain tops of Snowbird Mountain Lodge, Chef Frank’s culinary repertoire is as diverse as his experiences and, much like our guests, that’s just the way we like it.

Born and raised between the boroughs of Brooklyn and Queens and family’s home in Sicily, Frank’s early exposure to culinary arts was steeped in classic Italian roots with a bit of international flair. While others were out taking in city life as kiddos, Frank could be found in his family kitchen with an insatiable appetite for all things food. The son of a baker and grandson of a private Chef, the love for the art is deeply rooted.

His first “professional” cooking began during his service in the US Air Force. It was there his passion for flavor met his passion for military precision - a characteristic you’re likely to catch onto quickly when walking into his immaculate, no-waste kitchen.

His military career led him to taste the world and explore a vast array of methods and techniques he infuses into his offering at Snowbird today. Most notably, Chef Frank’s adept skill in fusing the fine culinary arts of Asia with the stick-to-your-bones fare of Appalachia keeps guests mystified and returning year after year for yet another moment of culinary delight.

Today, guests enjoy Frank's newest passion of no-waste, small-producer inspired preparation. More than simply farm-to-table, you can expect that each vegetable, meat, piece of fish, and herb in his kitchen not only has a story but one he can comfortable reflect on and share with his guests.

You see, for Frank, going to the market to meet butchers and farmers with his Nonna is more than a memory of days gone by. For Frank, that authentic relationship with purveyors is the cornerstone of quality and authenticity - a characteristic he aims to deliver in every bite.

Chef Frank’s Southern Fusion cuisine has come to be a highlight for guests year after year. Join him for a walk in the lodge’s vegetable garden, gather around as he collects eggs from the chicken coop, or make a trip to Stoney Hollow Farm for the evening’s offering. Regardless of your time with Chef, we’re certain your memories of Snowbird will be well inspired by his culinary passions.

Snowbird Mountain Lodge offers a fully inclusive experience for all overnight guests. Each reservation includes an Appalachian-inspired, made-to-order breakfast, picnic lunch, afternoon hors d'oeuvres, and four-course dinner. Each evening, Chef Frank prepares an entirely unique menu highlighting the bounty of the season with a variety of entree offerings for an array of palettes. All dietary restrictions and preferences are happily accommodated for upon request. Our guests are invited to enjoy our extensive wine offering, inspired bourbon list, local craft beer selection, and full cocktail bar.

We welcome non-overnight guests for any meal by reservation.

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