They come as guests, but I make sure they leave as friends. 

That’s the motto and vibe you can expect when taking a seat in the cozy but refined fireside bar at Snowbird Mountain Lodge. Butch Lampkin, greets you casually and gets to work serving up guests most loved libations.

Originally in operations for a security firm, Butch went on a vacation to the Smoky Mountains 13 years ago and never turned back. The decade plus time behind the Snowbird bar hasn’t influenced his drink of choice, a gin and tonic, but it’s certainly ignited a new passion – exploring the wildly wonderful world of whiskey.

Over the years, Butch has seen to it that the Snowbird Whiskey offering has grown to an impressive array including nearly 100 labels. Most recently, he and his wife ventured to Bourbon country for a a fully-immersive, educational tour of Kentucky’s best. From Maker’s Mark, Woodford Reserve, and Four Roses to Jim Beam and Knob Creek, we’re anxious to see what he has in store for the Fall season.

You can join Butch at the bar nightly from 4 pm to 10 pm – and sometimes a bit later if the conversations are as inspired as the spirits. We look forward to welcoming you to the Fireside Bar at Snowbird Mountain Lodge.

Q&A With Butch:

Top Fireside Bar Conversation: Tales from the hiking trails. Folks love sharing their adventures from the day over a cocktail.

Most Requested Snowbird Cocktails: The Snowbird 1941 and Flame Azalea are definitely top of the list.

Most Requested Category of Spirits: Hands down it would be Whiskey.

What’s New with Snowbird’s Beverage Program: Most recently, we have introduced a new Sommelier-driven wine list. We’re excited to be offering a wider selection of biodynamic wines for our guests.

Upcoming Ways to Enjoy the Snowbird Beverage Program in a Unique Way: Check out one of our wine dinner events. Chef Frank teams up with one of the Snowbird Sommeliers for a really impressive night of storytelling, inspired menus, and fantastic wines. Of course the guests and their passions are really what make it special.

What’s the beer situation like at Snowbird: Combine all your favorite Western Carolina craft breweries and you have our beer list. Think Catawba , Boojum , HiWire , Bold Rock , Highland , and Sierra Nevada (recently opened a second brewery in Asheville). We like to feature the brewers that are doing something unique yet approachable. Come join us for a pint.

We welcome non-overnight guests for any meal by reservation.

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