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2016 is underway!

Dear Friends,

It was late spring, 1941. Arthur and Edwin Wolfe surveyed the view from the porch as the Lodge prepared to open its doors to guests to the very first time. The anxiety level was high. They had invested everything they had in this place believing that the people that would soon arrive needed a place like this, a retreat to rediscover the feel of nature that so many were missing. I can imagine very well what the Wolfe brothers must’ve felt when the opened the Lodge. This year Snowbird celebrates

75 years of Mountain Magic!

I know that if the Wolfe brothers drove up the mountain today and rounded the bend to see the Lodge before them that they would recognize everything they had created. While changes have come through the years, the vision they had remains strong today. Snowbird continues to focus on being that special place, completely modern, yet lost in time. A wonderful mountain experience where you are completely looked after, all senses filled and satisfied. Where welcomes are warm, genuine heartfelt hospitality flows and connections are made. Those types of connections – to all that surrounds us is still what this place is all about and in these times has become more important than ever.

It has, as always been a busy winter. We continue the vision and are constantly working on improving the mountain. We finished our upgrade of all the bathrooms in the main Lodge and renovated Wolfe Cottage with rainfall showers. The culinary team has been very busy meeting with farmers and growers to get the very best of fresh, local produce to grace our tables. Butch has improved our craft beer list to include more local North Carolina offerings and our wines and spirits have been updated as well.

When you turn the page and look inside you’ll notice that we continue to offer the very best of naturalists, photographers, artists and music for your enjoyment while you’re here and we have even more in store this year! Our website is currently under an extensive “redo” so you can check it often to see what updates have been made. We hope that you’ll join us as we celebrate our “diamond” anniversary. 75 years of Snowbird is something special and we promise the best year yet! If you haven’t ever visited Snowbird or we haven’t had the pleasure of your company in a while, then please accept this invitation to join us for what will certainly be an amazing year!

We are in celebration of the Great Adventure ahead and look forward to sharing with friends, some old, some new, like you!


Elizabeth, Sophie & Robert Rankin


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