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BIG news in the kitchen! Menu – We’ve got  a new culinary team and with it, a fresh approach  to our culinary culture! In addition to long-standing  Snowbird favorites, we’re adding some Mediterranean  flair. ALSO – we have expanded our kitchen  and flower gardens and added chickens to our farm.  That means fresh eggs for breakfast, and  ripe-from-the-garden vegetables and fresh
Snowbird flowers gracing the table.

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Trout Week…

As we approach the final day of our freshwater fishing celebration I would like to thank everyone involved for making sure that our guests had a phenomenal time while out on our waters.  In our kitchen, whether it has been breakfast or dinner I hope that we have not disappointed with our creations during this exciting time.  There will be one last breakfast cooked by our Sous-Chef, Shea Blalock, for all those who have been here since Wednesday and have enjoyed their morning trout offerings.  I know that Julian and I have had a ball coming up with all of … Continue reading

Welcome Anglers…

On behalf of our Culinary Team, I would like to welcome everyone to Snowbird’s trout extravaganza. This weekend to celebrate the fishing we will be cooking North Carolina Trout As many ways as we can think of.  I took the liberty of purchasing trout not just from our local purveyor (Carolina Mountain Trout Andrews, NC) , but, we picked-up a few specialty products from Sunburst Rainbow Trout out of Canton, NC.  They provide trout for many parts of the South East.  I became familiar with them during my time working in Asheville and Hendersonville.  We hope that everyone will enjoy our … Continue reading


Sous-Vide cooking has existed in French cooking for many years.  The term literally translates to under vacuum and when done properly can make for some fantastic dishes.  When I first learned this process we were using 2 very expensive pieces of equipment: The first vacuum sealed the food in bags while the second was used to keep the water at a specific temperature for as long as needed.  Last night while working with one of our line-chefs, Julian Tinnell, we discovered that we could accomplish the same five star results while using some basic household items.  We cooked hanger steak using 1 gallon zip lock … Continue reading

Wine Dinner…

Last night was an extreme success thanks to the hard work by our team, it back and front of the house.  Every dish was executed with care and detail assuring that no one left unhappy.  Shea, Julian, Andy- the three of you are some of the best kitchen culinarians I have had the pleasure to work with .  The busy we are the higher they rev their engines- I love it!  Special thanks to Steve and Gloria Pignatello for the great wines they provided, and the atmosphere which they created.  And, finally, Robert Rankin for giving us the canvas that we … Continue reading

Well Folks, We have finally arrived to our Wine Dinner presented by Steve Pignatello, renowned for his knowledge in fine wines the World over.  Tonight we will be exploring the wines of Burgundy, France and our menu will reflect on Mr. Pignatello’s choices for wines.  I hope everyone enjoys themselves.  A big thank you to our staff for the hard work all week in preparing for tonight’s dinner.  Looking forward to serving you all.

WInter in the mountains of Snowbird…

Well, This past week presented us with challenges that were unforeseen but not un-conquerable. I was amazed to see the community pull together and helping one another through almost 12″ of Snow on some of the windier areas of Robbinsville. A special thank you to all of our special guests, staff and Robert Rankin for the excellent communication throughout. I do hope that any guests who missed their opportunity to see Snowbird can join us in the future.  As for my kitchen staff- what can I say that they don’t already know?  Working to help keep the lodge above snow … Continue reading

Opening Weekend

Thank you to everyone on staff for the vast amount of work that it took to get Snowbird Lodge back to it’s beautiful self.  I have opened many a kitchen in my career but none as quickle, efficiently, and cleanly like we did here-That’s a testament, of course, to how much everyone is dedicated to make this place succeed every year.  Now for the easy part….Cooking!

Welcome Post

Good Day All, I am Frank Davi, Executive Chef of the Snowbird Mountain Lodge, and I would like to welcome you to The Chef’s Table.  Here we hope to create a connection between our guests and the people that make your dining experience exciting, and memorable.  We plan to talk about everything aspect of our lodge’s cuisine, from nutrition to where our ingredients come from.  We will also post updates from our gardens hoping to watch a dish come alive from plant to plate.   I welcome comments, suggestions, and reviews to help us strive to be perfect every day, and … Continue reading