This time……

The winds have died down. The snow is melting and soon winter will be giving way to spring. No doubt we’ll still see some cold weather, perhaps more snow. Whatever we get to see we know it will be amazing! I smile as I sit and write this. The dogs are curled up in my office and if I stop and gaze at them tails thump and heads raise in anticipation of a walk…. Valentine’s Day is behind us now. The wonderful wine dinner that Gloria and Steve Pignatiello have is on the radar for this weekend. Fires are still … Continue reading

2016 is underway!

Dear Friends, It was late spring, 1941. Arthur and Edwin Wolfe surveyed the view from the porch as the Lodge prepared to open its doors to guests to the very first time. The anxiety level was high. They had invested everything they had in this place believing that the people that would soon arrive needed a place like this, a retreat to rediscover the feel of nature that so many were missing. I can imagine very well what the Wolfe brothers must’ve felt when the opened the Lodge. This year Snowbird celebrates 75 years of Mountain Magic! I know that … Continue reading

Giving Way…to fall

As September winds down to a close we are getting ready for what many consider the most spectacular time of year here on the mountain. September has been a most beautiful month here at Snowbird. We’ve had great fall wildflowers with walks hosted by Nancy and John Rennie and are wrapping up the month with Aaron Steed leading his fabulous birding adventures. While he has been here we’ve had guests able to watch the bird banding at the Audubon Society fall migration station set up at Whigg Meadow off of the Cherohala Skyway. Marvelous stuff indeed.   As I sit … Continue reading

It’s coming, you can feel it….

There is a strong hint of it in the air. I felt it this morning as I walked outside. A chill…a briskness that let’s us know that fall is close at hand. As I drove back towards the Lodge from taking Elizabeth to school in Robbinsville this morning I paused as I drove by the lake. The fog was lifting off of the is the first hint of cooler weather and that the leaves will be changing colors soon…. September approaches and with it not only will the weather continue to shift, but so will the Lodge. The last of … Continue reading

Summers almost Gone…..

The cicadas are singing loudly at night now. It’s how we know that it’s August…..and that summer is winding down. It has been a wonderful time here, Sophie and Elizabeth have spent the time out of school at the beach and then a trip out west. The lake has called us more often than not and late afternoon swims are the order of the day. Robbinsville school starts back next Monday and the sports teams have been hard at work. Volleyball, football and cross country dominate the fall lineup. Here on the mountain we are getting ready to host Nick Demos … Continue reading

Moments and Memories

I sat on the swing overlooking the mountains….Listening to the sounds of the evening, taking sips of my drink and listening to the one seated next to me…I felt the this place once again. In that space, over dinner, laughter, conversation, sharing lives and stories… is moments like that that make up my memories…… My mother has a favorite saying – “Robert, you drink in life in giant gulps”. I always smile when I think about her and when she says it. Once I finally understood and became aware of taking in life in big gulps I refocused myself on … Continue reading